Welcome to the 44th Tea Time Tuesday  
Come into the land of Gingerbread Men and Peppermint Dishes
Every Christmas I have my family for Breakfast
Each year for the third year now, I add pieces to my collection.
My dining room table is full for Mother’s table, which the extra leaf is still missing. Oh but my grandchildren love to line up on the bench. I found six chairs this year at the annual Garage Sale for $40.00.
We shall pull up another bench to put in place of the chairs, so all 10 of us can fit with little elbow room.
I usually have the four grandchildren table set up in the little sun room behind the dining room.
Things are still out place, so the sun room is full, besides my grandchildren love Granna’s Gingerbread Land!  
View toward the window and sideboard I built
The buffet on the right with the plate rack above I made and painted Gentleman’s Blue
I used two old drawers from my old kitchen island to make shelves for dishes, the bottom part of the buffet was bought at an auction, hoping to have it a new home soon as I find the buffet of my dreams.
View toward the China Closet my husband built onto an old closet, and added the old French Doors from our home.
On the backs of my chairs hang wreaths with a Gingerbread Man Chef
My daughter Suzette got me these wreaths, from Dollar General last year
The Gingerbread Girls and Chef are from Cracker Barrel 
My candy tree I decorate for each season, I added lollipops,  from Dollar General this year
The little houses on the tree, I think came from Walmart this year
Cass at That Old House has one of these trees too, she told me last year it is for hanging Christmas Cards!
I bought at annual garage sale for $1.00
The little trains underneath, from Dollar General
My friend Kathy from Mississippi, gave me the Gingerbread Man on top,
I added a Santa hat and a lollipop 
Girl Gingerbread Place Setting 
Notice the cup is a girl from Cracker Barrel
The Gingerbread Girl Bowl with the Heart from Burke’s
Peppermint Plates and Desert Dish are from Cracker Barrel
The napkin is from Pier One
The Gingerbread Man napkin holder from Dollar General
The Green Sandwich Pattern Juice cup from Thrift Stores
I bought my daughter Jennifer boxes of Green Sandwiches pieces while traveling/working
So today even though she was not here I had a little piece of her heart with me.
The Gingerbread Man Cup and all the other dishes are from the stores as above
Gingerbread House on left from Bath and Body
The Gingerbread Chef Cookie Jar from Dollar General this year
The Gingerbread House on the right is from Cracker Barrel
The little Gingerbread Men setting on peppermint candles are from Dollar General
Close up
Close up
Tablecloths and Scarfs on the tables, buffet, sideboard are from Walmart, Burke’s, and Dollar Tree
All the peppermint candles are from Dollar General or Walmart
View toward the China Closet
See Christine, here is where I need another window to make a door,
for my China Closet
Old Dresser and shelf  I built from reclaimed wood from our walls
I gave it large crackle finish, I use it as a Beverage Center
Here you may have Hot Tea or Hot Chocolate
The Tea Sets are from Cracker Barrel
The Creamer and two sugar,(from Cracker Barrel) in the middle on a cake plate from Walmart
The sign says Grandma’s Treats
I used ruffled chargers from Walmart under the Tea Pots
This old dresser is set up for Sweets, the silver Kiss, from Walmart,
 holds chocolate to dip marshmallows.
The basket, and it’s lid is standing up is a pie carrier: from Cracker Barrel
I forgot to move the painting on the side of the old dresser, 
was hoping Hubby would get around to hanging them. 
Close up
On the sideboard are three cake plates and servers I used cake plates and bowls to stand these on.
 Gingerbread Men Cake Plates on each side, are sitting on this  peppermint bowl, see the little gingerbread men feet? From Cracker Barrel 
The Gingerbread Men Cake Plates and servers are from Dollar General
In the middle the cake plate sits on a peppermint cake plate, from Cracker Barrel
These were used for bacon, eggs, and toast
For Gloria, another close up you want of the Gingerbread ornaments that hang on the three tier server 
I hope you enjoyed our Gingerbread Tablescapes we do every Christmas,
It so much fun to see the children’s joy in their eyes, in my Gingerbread land!
Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
I will be joining:
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 Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
Michael Lee at Designs By Gollum
Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie
The Tablescaper
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Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
The Beverage and Bakery Center
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Wishing You a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!
 I want to Thank Miss Janice for inspiring me. Miss Janice wrote an article about her Cookie Swap on her blog, Etiquette With Miss Janice. I fell deeply in love with the peppermint dishes and gingererbread men! Miss Janice was so kind to share where she had purchased her collection of gingerbread and peppermint.  I will have to collect a lot more, for Miss Janice Gingerbread and Peppermint tablescape is so wonderful. Miss Janice also shared her recipes for gingerbread cookies and peppermint punch. Please visit Miss Janice, for she is a wonderful, thoughtful lady.  I am so happy to have met Miss Janice in blog land. Miss Janice has a lovely blog, and she shares so much. Miss Janice, Thank you for my Christmas gift of Happiness, for you have brought a lot of happiness to my life, this Christmas.
I also want to Thank my wonderful brother Jerry and his wife Judy, whom is my lovely friend, for giving me 10 place setting of my peppermint dishes, gingerbread man, lady cups,a gingerbread man teapot in one, gingerbread man cream and sugar in one, a set of gingerbread man and peppermint salt and pepper shakers.
 I want to Thank, my grandson, Creighton for my peppermint candle. My daughter, Suzette for my second Gingerbread man teapot in one, a gingerbread sugar dish, two red utensil holders and my peppermint candy shot glasses. My daughter, Jennifer for a red star plate and red bowl to place in center, for when you serve dip and crackers.
For all the other gingerbread and peppermint, I went shopping and had a blast at Cracker Barrell, I came out with three huge bags stuffed and one box! Now hubby says: he will not let me out of the house again! lol Well! I am trying to find an escape route for leaving the house to hit the sale!
Any takers for coming and picking me up! lol
   I was hoping my dining room would at least have the sheet rock finished by Christmas, we are still in the remodel stage. I was not going to do this post, until we have finished the remodel.  After getting a lot of emails and notes left on my blog, asking me to share, pictures of my Gingermint collection. I decided to do this post, so Please excuse my walls in my remodel zone. 
This side chest, I painted using the crackle paint method and the shelf above, which usually holds my silver. I covered the chest with a table cloth, used the red utensil holders to hold wine and rum. The gingerbread basket, held my napkins. A red star plate held the flatware. See the candy peppermint shot glasses, and a little gingerbread trivet holds peppermint and chocolate stir sticks.

This platter was used to hold the angel food and cherry cake, Suzette made. The old rolling pin with red handle was also a gift from Suzette.

Anyone for pancakes, bacon, divinty, tiny papoose pie, sugar coated apricots from Australia?

 Gingerbread tea pot in one and gingerbread man trivet.
  Anyone for tea, or hot chocolate?

My gingerbread house, sitting on a peppermint cake plate, with Gordy the Country Christmas Mouse, cinnamon sticks, a few peppermint sticks. The little gingerbread man, my friend Kathy gave me, was also used in the centerpiece.  I placed in the center of the table length wise, placemats of holly.  
The gingerbread man is the salt shaker and the peppermint is the pepper shaker.

Two bowls of peppermint with gingerbread men as feet, held blueberry syrup and bacon.

Cinnamon sticks with a gingerbread man ornament, gingerbread and peppermint salt and pepper shaker, gingerbread man sugar dish. My peppermint candle.

The side board held the food with gingerbread girls,
Any one for chocolate chip walnut cookies, blueberry cream cheese muffins, banana bread, cherry angel food cake with a gingerbread cookie,?
We also served scrambled eggs on a peppermint plate.

Close up of the peppermint plates and gingerbread cups.

On the back of the chairs are, signs that say: Grandma’s Christmas Treats and Seasons Greetings. I am going be on the look out for three more signs to place on other chairs.
Don’t look at the wall! lol I spy my antique china cabinet in the back. It holds some of my Old Country Roses pattern, and my dolls, who need a new home.
My Gingermint tablescape!
I now have twelve place setting.

Close up of the Gingerbread man chef!
Side board view of the Christmas Breakfast.
I hope you enjoyed our Chrismas Breakfast!
I will be Dreaming of Gingerbread and Peppermint!

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