Welcome to the 53rd Tea Time Tuesday     
 Today Tea is Simple, all whites looking out my back French Doors
I want to Thank all of you for making Tea Time a dream come true for one year.
I shall be in tests this week, for my up coming 46th surgery.
I will be be having Tea Time Tuesday auto post each week,
 while I am in surgery, and while recovering.
I have not been able to visit much, I have had grandchildren, and my Daddy is having open heart surgery this Wednesday. With lots of Doctor visits for myself. I appreciate all your lovely comments. Yes, I do read them all, I will change over next week to where you will have to type in the letters,
 to leave a comment. Know I shall be reading them all.
I have had many ask for an address to send cards and happy’s to. Which is so sweet of you all.
This address is the old general store/cafe we bought, 
and soon as I am back on my feet, we shall open a Tea Room .

Leesburg Mercantile
Lady Katherine
289 Hwy 481
Pelahatchie, Mississippi  39145

I hope you enjoy my Simple White Tea
 As Spring approaches it time to bring out the white again.
This Tea could be for a Mother and Daughter,
 or Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea.

My Granddaughter’s hat on the back of the chair

On this chair sit my white hat, notice I used doilies on the chair seats
I love using this chrome teapot warmer, for it goes with everything.
My teapot sit on a charger, I do love to use a charger or 
tray underneath my teapots, in case of spillage. 

I love my sterling silver strainer, some think a strainer shouldn’t be used at the Tea Table.
Oh, but I adore using one, as I use loose leaf tea, 
and loose leaf tea needs room to expand as it steeps.
My teapot is empty before the leaves have a chance to turn bitter.
Place Setting
I have used the cups many times, this is the first time I have used the chargers, which are the same pattern. The plate is smaller than a dinner plate, and larger than a desert plate. The plate and bowl are my husband’s Grandmother’s everyday dishes.
Flatware is my Renaissance Reproduction pattern 
Cup, Saucer, and Charger I bought a few years ago from TJ Max 
The 12×12 Tea napkins, I made
Tablecloth was a garage sale find many years ago
My Tea Set is from Ross

My three tier holds, my husband’s Grandmother’s everyday dishes from long ago.
I used faux ivy and white hand painted roses, which are shower curtain holders.

I wanted to show you the view out my French Doors!
I am very lucky to see this view every day from my 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow.
My chickens, now layinga dozen eggs day

My gulf coast native sheep
My ram is in another pasture

Lambs, Bella and Hope playing with Garfield 
Bella was born the December 26th, 2010
Hope was born on Christmas Day 2010

Gulf Coast Native Sheep ready for feeding

Bella and Hope are so cute

My lambs, Hope, Pansy Lee, and Bella
Pansy Lee is in the middle, she was born just a few weeks after Bella and Hope
Pansy Lee was born a morning after, I had just lost a Ewe and her lamb the night before
I use to have a 100 plus sheep, another breed, and I have never lost an Ewe and Lamb in birth.
Pansy came here so tiny, and needing my help

Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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A Day Around The Farm

A New Beginning! A new life on the farm! What a surprise this little lamb was, for he was born so early in January to his Dam (Mother) Trixie a Ewe that is a Gulf Coast Registered Sheep! 
He was born on January seventh. 
In temperature that were down to 10 degrees at night, 
and 20 degrees in the day.
He stayed warm in the barn, in a bed of hay.
He will take his little paw and make a place to lay down in the hay by his Mother’s side.
Our Gulf Coast Registered Sheep are all white.
 Now Trixie played a big trick on us for we have never had a colored lamb before! 

The day the little boy (ram) was born, I dried him off. Then held my breath he would make it through the cold weather this last week.
 Trixie is watching over her lamb.
Trixie is my oldest Ewe, she is nine years old.
She getting a little old to be having lambs. 

Sadie will soon give birth, and the little ram will have a playmate. 
It is so fun to see lambs jump and play. I can’t wait!

My Hungarian Komandor guard dog, I love so dearly. 
She loves the new little lamb! 

Our flock of chickens now miss this grass!

How I miss my French Chick! A few weeks after I had surgery, I was asking everyday if Terry had seen French Chick. I kept looking out the windows and French doors for her, worrying where she was for several weeks.  When I got home I saw my French Chick and was so happy nothing had happen to her.  For a fox, I think got five of my other chickens. Finally Terry told me he accidental ran over her! The chickens would follow him as he drove the truck out to the barn to feed  and she some how got under the truck. He didn’t want to tell me for he new I would be so upset.
She was to be laying Chocolate  Color Eggs by now. I was very sad!

This last week every day Terry would break the ice in the pond for the sheep to drink.
Terry had fun throwing the ice across the frozen pond.  The ice was about 4 inches thick.
Yes, he thought about getting a board and sliding across, 
but once one foot went in the cold ice water he changed his mind. lol

I hope you enjoyed a day on the farm with my new little lamb. 

Sometimes living on a farm can be heart breaking.
 but all in all
Life is Good Here On Our Farm

 I sure loved coming back indoors to sit by the fire and drink a cup of hot tea!
While watching the animals out the French Doors.
As Always Save a Cup of Tea for Me!
Lady Katherine

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My Lovely Ring of Roses!
Hello everyone! I want to share my Trellis Rose, that I rooted last year and have trained it to go grow into a wreath.  The roses are a very light pink, they look white in the photo. Please forgive the grass. I have not added my mulch, as of yet this year. I was so excited to see what color it was going to be, for I rooted two roses, the other I am training into another wreath has red little bloom on it. 
A lot of you asked to see this Growing Wreath when it bloomed so here it is! I am doing much better, and working on shelves for my dining room, which I am trying to design a French Country look.  Can’t wait to show you, what I have been doing! 

I am so excited! I got to buy my sheep! Living on the farm, we have been adding our farm animals back slowly. Hubby wanted to wait after my surgeries this year. But I found some of the Perkins line of registered Gulf Coast Sheep and I have bought one ram(a boy) four adult Ewes(girls) and two ewe lambs! I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to look at into the pasture and see my Gulf Coast Sheep. I am a spinner and a weaver and their wool is so wonderful. You can wear against your skin!  I went to visit my Doctor yesterday, where I got hurt is not healed enough to go to surgery. So he said come back in six weeks to plan surgery. He said tons more but, just to let you know I made my appointment and it was going to be July 2, too near July 4th Holiday, Hubby will be busy with his Craw fish pond. I now have FREEDOM for two months and 4 days counting to next visit, to plan surgery. I am going to try hard to get my strength and movement back, as I was before my accident with my Granddaughter almost falling in the creek, that I caught just in time.  I will get better pictures later, I going out shopping today with my friend Maryann from Alabama, whom is coming to kidnap me! lol 
 Now, Can I get away with this for Foodie Friday, Gollum? 
My roses are edible and the sheep are too, but please do not eat them, for I love them so much!

 Here are my Gulf Coast Sheep!

See you all soon! 

Take Time to Smell the Roses and save a cup of Tea for me!
Lady Katherine

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