And few Chicks Too!
Upon my side board sits, a red basket of egg gourds, a Rooster  Chef to count how many fresh eggs laid daily, a sign I painted many years ago, behind it sits of my new lanterns. A black and white metal Rooster, Sunflowers, and Rooster soup bowl on a stack of wheat saucers. 

Good Morning!
Welcome To A Rooster  Breakfast!

Close up View of Side board, Sunflowers White bowls and another metal Rooster

Close up of my black and white metal Rooster.
  My dish cover made from screen, with  yellow flowers and bees.

View of  Rooster Table setting facing side board, I made from the wood from our walls.
Notice the end place setting I used a different charger and added a bowl for my husband’s Grits.

View of table set with my Rooster Toile Tablecloth and Rooster dishes faces the small sun porch. 
 Stay tuned for there is a surprise behind the bench, My grandchildren want you to see!

View of Buffet, I made using two drawers from the old kitchen island.
A red and white hen on top, A rooster with a sunflower on his back,
 with a tin punch lamp shade which holds a candle.
Blue and white hen casserole dish

This hen heart says Home Sweet Home, and her necklace,
 I made from blocks and eggs, says EGGS
View of the Hutch I traded the bottom part for a wool felted hat I made, plus a little money.
I made the shelf above from wood of the old dining room walls,
 which hold my white Great Gathering Dishes.
 This shelf was stained and did hang above my stove.
Story goes hubby threw it out, after a few months in the rain, with me looking everywhere for it. 
Hubby told me it was in the junk pile, he helped  nail it back together. 
I did a brown and white crackled finish on this now hutch, which I use to serve Beverages. 

Close up: Notice the star on my Early American Precut Crystal Pitcher.
 Some call this pattern the Star of David.
 I this pitcher use to serve orange juice or iced tea. 

This garage sale find, iron and wicker shelf bought for $1.00.
  Holds a metal rooster filled with  soft peppermint, and my wheat creamer and sugar bowl, 
bought at the Valentine’s Auction with a set of dishes. 
The coffee pot was bought with the wheat dishes all for $20.00.
This is one of my favorite Roosters. It is wooden and I bought it on my last trip home from working and traveling with an aviation company.  Three years ago, from Cracker Barrel for $6.00. 
  A small basket of faux sunflowers and wooden corn.
My white teapot from Jerome Tanks,
 in Philadelpia, Mississippi bought for $4.00

 Close up view of the hutch top/ Beverage Center top

Notice the Rooster Apron on back of the door, My friend Kathy lives an hour away, 
she comes to visit me every few weeks, and brings me what I call happys to brighten up my day.
Kathy, Thanks for making me this Wonderful Rooster Apron!

I have to interrupt this Rooster Party,
 for I have little chicks hatching out of the blue and green eggs.
Notice the egg close to the front, it is hatching at this moment.

Table setting for my little chicks, I mean my Grandchildren!
I used plastic rooster plates with  Cambridge Demitasse flatware,
 and Demitasse cups and saucers. 
Early American Prescut Crystal Juice Glasses.
Rooster Teapot sits on top of A wooden sunflower.
I used an black and white gingham valance for the table cloth.

View of Grandchildren’s table with little Chairs that were in the old church by our home. 
Large Tea Towels for their napkins placed on back of the chairs.
Yes, they need big napkins! lol  Did you say why is there table behind the bench?  My grandchildren love it there. I have tried to move it and they say Please Granna! 
What can I say? lol

Metal 1950’s Party Table,
bought at a garage sale hold extra blue plates,
An Early American Prescut Crystal Syrup Pitcher, which was my Mothers.
 Rooster, Hen and Chicks on top.

Toile Tray behind was my 90 year old neighbors, an egg basket, 
lined with a cloth dinner napkin for biscuits. 
Yes, it is the name of this basket, for I have made many. 
A Rooster Tapestry on top, and a blue and white butter dish.

Close up of Mother’s Early American Prescut Crystal Syrup Pitcher

Rooster Table Setting

I have used Many different Rooster chargers, dinner plates, and salad plate used for pancakes.
The coffee/ tea cup and saucer is of my wheat patten.
Round black woven placemats, from Ross

For the place card holder, I used a sunflower and a corn cob.

Close up of Early American Prescut Crystal Juice and Water Glass.

On the pew, my husband cut down. 
I am letting you have a peek on what going on in my dining room. 
 My  Farmland blue toile fabric,  which will cover the bench seat, my chairs seat, 
and I am making curtains to match. 

Yes, MaryAnn from Sweet Water, Alabama,
 I shall keep the lace sheers You love so much! 
 On the back of the bench is a Rooster feed sack cloth.

View of the back side of the Rooster table.

For my Centerpiece:
My large Rooster, I bought years ago from Landrum’s, just outside of Laurel, Mississippi.
Where I use to demonstrate weaving on my loom, and spinning on my spinning wheel.
 The day after Thanksgiving every year.

My daughter bought the egg holder from a garage sale, I think it use to be a spice rack. 
A little sign I painted years ago.
Two smaller roosters one each side, and the white Roosters are salt and pepper shakers.

Can you tell which eggs are real or faux?
The two real eggs are by each corner of the sign I painted years ago.

Collage of place settings, chargers and plates used.
I have shown many close ups of my Early American Prescut Crystal for I have a huge collection. Which I have collected all over the South.
 and I have had many  asking to see close up of my collection.
This Ends this Rooster Party!  
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

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This One Is For You Daddy!

Daddy sat down at the table, and said: This is a Lawyer’s Table!
I said, Daddy this is yours and Mama table.
He said, the table is set Fancy!
I had to hold back my laugh, and smiled.

For my daughter, Suzette and I
had tried so hard to give Daddy a southern home style setting,
like the ones Mama use to make, when I was a little girl.

My Daddy came for a visit, he had been outside in the heat for an hour with my husband, working on his truck. Living in the country ,
I never know someone is here unless they come to the door!

My Daddy came in with my husband, He was weak and not feeling well, knowing it was lunch time and Daddy is a diabetic. While Daddy was cooling off with a drink and resting. I went to kitchen!
Lucky I had put up fresh corn and peas the night before, and had some cooked!

I called my daughter, Suzette, who live next door, What do you have we can fix fast, we do not have time to thaw out chicken. She calls back, steak fingers, I said yes! Suzette cooked at her house the steak fingers, gravy, and cornbread,
while I made the other food.

With Suzette help we set the table, FAST with the food, and dishes.
Taking off the setting I had on the table, and leaving the napkins,
( forgetting she was to take pictures,)
and just put dishes everywhere! lol
I have finished silver leafing the chandelier,
hubby has to add the bottom light back.

I can’t believe I am going to show you a picture of me with no make up on,
I ran and put a little lipstick on, while Suzette took pictures!
Now you can see, my Hubby took a dinner plate and set at the end of the table!

Here I am taking the napkin out for my Daddy,
Daddy, I enjoyed your visit so much!
I wish I could have had fried chicken for you, just like Mama use to do!

View of the place setting
Cobalt blue chargers: bought 12 from thrift store for $2.00 each
Dinner plate: White Gatherings from my 64 piece set from Big Lots
Bread plate pattern: Staffordshire Engravings, Wild Rose,
from my 12 piece setting, was a gift from my sister, Gloria,
while I in the hospital instead of flowers.
Cobalt Stemware: bought in South Carolina
Flatware: had for years
Napkin ring and napkins: garage sale finds under $1.00

Now remember this meal was made and the table set in 30 minutes!
No Garnishes Here!
Centerpiece is the Food for this Southern Home Style Lunch!
View from above of table set with a southern meal of:
Iced Tea, garden fresh peas, corn, slice tomatoes,mashed potatoes, white gravy, steak fingers, and cornbread is a must to go with the fresh peas!
Yes, you have to sop your pea juice with the corn bread!
Sorry Daddy, I forgot to put out the pepper sauce for the peas!
What! No fried Chicken! Where’s the brown gravy?
I used my new white gravy boat from Marshall’s cost $5.00, and White Gathering platter, is from my 64 piece set from Big Lots.
All the bowl I have collected for years.
View of the fresh garden tomatoes, fresh corn, mashed potatoes.
View my country dining room, with sideboard in background.
I built from the wood we took off our walls of our Craftsman’s Bungalow. I painted it with my favorite Gentleman’s Blue Milk Paint, and stained the top and bottom shelf with Red Mahogany Stain. The chairs all garage sale finds cost $2.00 for the cream chairs and $3.00 for the stained chairs. The bench is an old church pew, my husband cut down. I paid $10.00 for the bench.
Daddy, Terry says: Come back Soon!
For he wants more of these meals, with fried chicken !
As Always, Save a Cup of Tea for Me!
Lady Katherine
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