Welcome to the 69th Tea Time Tuesday   
Join in my garden with my lovely roses.
Today I am using my Royal Albert Old Country Roses Fine China.
I have been collecting the oldest pattern of this china,
I still need more dinner plates, for today I used my husband’s 
grandmother’s everyday dishes with my china
This afternoon I decided to use a double cake stand instead of a three tier stand placed on a wicker table, with a lace topper and a red beaded round placemat
Close up of the desserts, and scones
The rose bush in the background is very fragrant, and blooms Spring through Fall
Top of the table set with Old Country Roses, silverware from garage sales,
 a battenburg lace curtain used as a tablecloth
On the top tier, red velvet cake with roses and spearmint garnish
Second tier, chocolate candy, chocolate chip scones, chocolate chip cookies,
 strawberry filled cookies, and strawberry preserves in a cup 
I just adore the glass serving spoon in the cup of strawberry preserves, 
I regret not buying more of these spoons from a thrift shop.
My Husband Aunt’s old green glider, makes a lovely place to sit
( I have bought an old green large iron table to use with this setting) 
I can’t wait to do a Tea on the old table in the weeks to come.
Yes, the pieces could use a coat of  paint, but for now I shall enjoy them as they are

I love to serve my scones first, as they taste better while warm
I do love my old silverware pattern
The tea napkin, I made

I love this pattern of china so much, this is the first time, I have used it outdoors
I just adore using placemats on the chair seats
A different view
This rose bush has double it size in just the last few week since this Tea, 
I have been rooting the stems, for it smells heavenly!

Would you like to have a scone?
Oh, someone has taken the spearmint garnish from the plate
I loved using my China outdoors, for I usually only use this china in my parlor
A lovely cup of Tea, my favorite Vanilla Cream Tea
Did you notice just a few simple pearls lay on the table?
The creamer just stands out in this photo
Close up of the red velvet cake sitting on an Old Country Roses Desert Dish
We can’t wait to sit down and have a lovely Tea!
Would love to have you join me!
A breeze was blowing, as you can see the tablecloth, perfect for a summer day of Afternoon Tea
See the white swing on the large stump,
 my husband bought two swings at an auction,
 one  swing sit on my porch, this one is to go underneath a tree
I do love my Royal Albert Old Country Roses Fine China

Wish you were here to join me for a lovely time having Tea
Many of you have asked how I am doing, with help I did accomplish putting this Tea together,
I am still recovering from surgery, I am getting a little stronger, but still many Doctor visits.
I have a few complications, but hoping soon I will be back to visiting all of you.
How I wish blogger would have a way I could comment on each of your thumb photo links.
They all look lovely, and I know I am missing so  many lovely Teas.
I have been spending days and nights at our Old General Store/Cafe, doing what I can to help get it open.
Soon I will have photos of what we have been up too.
I have not had internet there, hoping they get it in next week some time!
Thank you all for your lovely comments, and for linking for Tea Time Tuesday!
Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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Marty at A Stroll Thru Life
 Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
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Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie
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Today I am Sharing My Tea Sampling for Three, in my Parlor, this is a post I did back in November, I wanted to share it today, for I am missing my Tea’s with my friend Hazel, whom has a broken hip and is recovering.

I am a Woman of Simplicity!

A Tea Sampling for Three of Vintage Tea’s
Earl Grey Creme Tea.

I invited my neighbor,Margaret for tea in my parlor. As we sat down for tea, a lovely surprise, my lovely 90 year old friend, Hazel came for a visit with a turkey, squash dressing, cinnamon almond bread, and the recipe of cinnamon bread, I have been dreaming of having this cinnamon bread recipe, and with a starter to make the cinnamon bread too! I shall frame this recipe! Oh , sorry, back to my tea sampling.  I added another cup and desert plate.  Today we sampled Vintage Tea’s Earl Grey Creme Tea. Yes, it was wonderful, for this was my first Earl Grey Creme Tea.  I tried it with just sugar, and liked it, Hazel took her tea with honey and milk. Oh, I had to add the milk, loved it even more. Margaret took her tea with just a wee bit of sugar. The tea pot was empty in no time, as we sat and talked, while eating the homemade persimmon cake, Victorian House of Scones cinnamon  blueberry scones, and chocolate puffs.  These scones are a mix and have been voted the best scones in USA.  I make them and Hazel takes a frozen batch home, she loves the scones so much. Now Margaret she loves my persimmon cake, when she comes to tea, she takes home a few  of the persimmon cakes.   

I used an old shawl, with place mats and a crocheted runner and an antique doilie in the middle. Napkins to match, with silverware, two votive candle cups with a white rose in each.  Add a few pearls, flowers, and a bow. All upon my coffee table. Maybe I should start calling it my tea table.

My Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea set on my beloved metal rose tray, from a neighbor that left us last year at the age of 90. A little bow on the honey jar, yes, that is the table cloth I crocheted, long ago.
Oh! I had a lovely time. Wish you all could come and have tea with me!

Please go see Susan, at Between Naps on the Porch, where she is hosting Tablescape Tuesday


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I received these samples in the mail this week and what a happy surprise. I have been in contact with this Vintage Tea, by email. They have been so helpful, to help me find the vanilla creme tea, that I bought in Florida and have lost contact with the business, where I bought my most favorite tea.

Vintage Tea sent me to their web site to see if any of the tea was familiar to me. I found a couple of possibilities. We also talked of a green tea, The green tea I have tasted, I have to say it has not been on my taste list. I am going to give all the samples a try. I have had a battle with breast cancer since 2002. I have been reading the book , THE GREEN TEA BOOK, by Lester A. Mitscher, PH.D., and Victoria Dolby Toews, MPH, I checked this book out of the Library. This book tells about how to use green tea to fight cancer, promote healing, and slow the aging process.

The samples were not just two of the favorites on my list, but a total of five different samples!

Vanilla Cream, Earl Grey Cream, Rooibos Vanilla Jazz, Camelot, and Green Tea Paradise

These teas come in:

2 ounce bag- makes 20-25 cups

4 ounce tins – makes 40-50 cups

8 ounce pouch – makes 95-100 cups


I have found the strainer in this photo works well with my tea pot in one.
Vintage Tea carries this strainer. Their telephone number is:


I can’t hardly wait to try them all! I love my tea pot in one.

I will give you an update when I have my tea sampling.

Many thanks to Vintage Tea

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