Welcome to the 59th Tea Time Tuesday  
This Tuesday I will be celebrating my Birthday. Bluebirds are one of most favorites of all.
I hope you enjoy my Bluebird Tea today, as I hopefully will be celebrating my Birthday with another Tea with my Birthday Dishes. 
If you look close out the French Doors you can see my cat, Katie naping, she follows me all around, and never leaves my side when I am outdoors. She’s really my grandchildren’s cat,
 but has to come to live on my porch, so I renamed her. 
I just love bluebirds, they mean home to me.
My Bluebird Tea
This dish was given to me one year by my friend Maryann, from Sweetwater, Alabama
The blue birds on the branch a gift from my daughter Suzette
Centerpiece: a small bird bath filled with nest, flowers and a bluebird
Back view of the table
Place setting: blue plates from Dollar Tree, husband grandmother’s everyday white plate, and garnet red plate from Walmart.  Tea napkins I made, the napkin holder is from a set Christine gave to all the guest at the last Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles Tea Luncheon. This is a group of ladies with websites, and facebook from Mississippi and neighboring states, we all get together and have a Tea Luncheon. 
Christine was the hostess for the last Tea Luncheon in her home in Natchez, Mississippi
The tea cup my daughter found in a little shop,and it the same pattern to the dish my friend Maryann gave me.
My vintage embroidered table topper bought years ago at a garage sale 
My daughter Suzette found me this wonderful bluebird teapot at another shop, which is the same pattern as the dish, and teacups. I just adore it! Yes, it really a teacup in one, but I love using it for more than one for the bottom cup is really large. My teapot sits on a blue plate, with the strainer. I know I say this many times, I adore using a strainer with my teacup, many think a tea strainer should not be used on the table. Not I!!
I adore straining out the loose leaf tea leaves which have had room to expand in the teapot.
 My teapot is usually empty before the leaves can turn the tea to a bitter taste.
The blue birds on the branch sits on the dish filled with  pieces of chocolate candy, cookies with icing, chocolate chip dipping cookies, and fancy cakes.
You can see the bluebirds on top of the bluebird house another gift from my friend Maryann.
My daughter, Suzette found my second teacup at another little shop, how happy I was for all the pieces are the same pattern, and all came from different shop, and towns.
I just adore this teapot!
I added bluebirds around the centerpiece, which are from the Dollar Tree
Notice the tea towel on back of the chair it is covered in bluebirds, 
I bought this towel on my working/travels, while in Georgia.
I love my napkin rings, Christine! Thank you!
The yellow butterfly, looks like it just flew in and lite on the birdbath
Just adorable!
Here you can see the nest in top of the birdbath 
Another view of the vintage embroidered topper I used for this Tea
I hope you love my little bluebird tea as much as I do!
Don’t you just love this bluebird teapot, and teacup!
Thank you Suzette
I love the different colors how they blend so wonderful together
Closer view of the tabletop 
The bluebirds look like they are hopping all over the table, searching for a crumb
I just loved going around my home looking for things to make this bluebird tea.
Dusk is here, but I was still taking pictures, for I had a lot of teas to get done before I had surgery.
I hope you have enjoyed all the Spring Teas I have shown these last few weeks.
Can you hear the clock chiming? 
It time to announce the winner of the lovely book of poetry Anthesis,
 by Muse
 Congratulations the winner is Kathy B. of  Spot On Cedar Pond
Please email me your address, at
 I shall send you your lovely book Anthesis 
I  just simply love my bluebird tea dishes
I am stilling having a few complications, and still on bed rest. I sit looking  out at my red, and pink roses blooming. My white and purple Iris, and many other flowers. 
Oh so wishing I could have a Tea with my lovely flowers. 
For now I shall enjoy the flowers blooms from the porch.
Thank you all for the prayers for my Daddy and I. Daddy is feeling much better. He’s still on drips of antibiotic around the clock, hopefully soon he will be back to his old self. 
I have received books, cards and emails, and so many lovely comments of encouragement this week! Thank You all so much, and for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday.
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

April 1st night this little ram lamb was born to my favorite Ewe Sheep, Sadie
What a surprise we had, for all our other lambs were born late Dec. and Jan.

I have named him Leo, my husband says he an early Birthday Present! He is only a few hours old here.
Just wanted to share a little of our farm life with you.

Hopefully this Tuesday, my Birthday
 I shall be feeling well enough to have a luncheon using my rabbit dishes I got for my Birthday from Cracker Barrel with my family to share next week.
I went to the Doctor a few days ago, 
he says bed rest, a little sitting up, and start trying to walk a little each day.
I still have several complications, and hoping the will be better soon.

Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

I will be joining:
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life

 Susan at Between Naps On The Porch

Michael Lee at Designs By Gollum

Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie

The Tablescaper
for Seasonal Sunday

Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
The Beverage and Bakery Center
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Welcome to the 33rd Tea Time Tuesday 
Persimmon Cake and Camelot Tea
My hubby’s first hot tea, yes the Camelot Tea is really good, we both agreed, the Camelot Tea has a taste of raspberries. Hubby loved his tea with no sugar, I took my tea with sugar and loved Vintage Tea Camelot Tea. My hubby and I both tried Vintage Tea’s Camelot Tea with milk, we both preferred the Camelot Tea without milk.

See my post on picking persimmons. (native persimmons)
My freshly baked Persimmon Cake, baked in small bunt cake pan.
Please come have tea with me!
I said to hubby! Yes, he did have tea, with me!

Just no pictures allowed! He only agreed, for he loves my persimmon cake!
My hubby had four of the little cups of Camelot Tea!

This has been my best Tea Party
Yet! For this Tea Party was just Hubby and me!

Persimmon cake with icing, placed on a bowl with pine straw rim, upon a piece of pottery.
A couple of gourds and red berries around the pottery. Add a piece of cotton and you have it all, for the farmers in my community are now picking the cotton fields

My sister, Gloria gave me this little set of tea cups and saucers on my 50th Birthday.

I set up the Tea Party in our bedroom.
The parrot table cloth was from a pen pal in Australia. The tea pot was bought at a garage sale 15 years ago, with four little round tea cups. One round tea cup got broke. So today I used one round teacup to hold the sugar. This is the first time all of my brown tea cups, saucers and brown tea pot have been used!
 I tied raffia on the napkins, that hold the flatware.

If you would like to have my persimmon cake recipe, let me know I’ll do the post on it.
I will be joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch 
Michael Lee at Designs by Gollum 
Laurie at Bargain Hunting By Laurie
Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
So sorry I am up late, had a family emergency to take care of. Thank you for understanding.
I am feeling a little better, and my grandson’s collar bone is mending well.
Thank to all of you for your prayers!
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As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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Sunflowers, Roosters and Iced Tea Party

Welcome to the 22nd Tea Time Tuesday
Join me today for Iced Tea, Roosters, and Sunflowers
Some of my Favorite Things!
I have used a lot of different dishes and items to make this Tablescape mix/match
I love how it turned out.
There is a Party Going On at Barb’s August 6th 
You still have time to join in on the fun!
 My is in this view, it was a church pew, my husband cut down
View facing my sideboard I built from the reclaimed wood from my walls,( I now have sheet rock) and  the sideboard with my favorite Gentleman’s Blue milk paint, and stained the top and the shelf underneath, which has boxes of dishes stored.
The print on the left side is a French Bistro from Hobby Lobby
The wine chalk board on the right is from a garage sale
Centerpiece: Sunflowers, Lanterns, Metal Rooster,
 and Susan’s famous Target salt and pepper shaker white birds
Notice my  Flatware here
Through the door way is a little side porch, I am making a little sun room.
Close up of Centerpiece
View of Table facing my China Closet
The chairs are odd and end chairs from yard sales, I got my Mother’s Table without any chairs. I now have a lot going on different in my dining room. A set of six wooden chair all alike, but I not ready to give up my bench just yet. My grandchildren love to sit on it. Hope to show you soon the changes going on in my dining room of my 100 year old Craftsman’s Bungalow.

Sunflowers from Hobby Lobby, the metal rooster begging to be in a close up
My flatware is Renaissance Reproduction Pattern from Walmart
Close up of the sideboard centerpiece, I love my bee food cover found at a thrift store, 
wish I had a few more!
I just love the light from the lanterns!
My Red Toile Rooster Tablecloth bought at a yard sale
Buffet Centerpiece:
Chef holding a wooden sunflower I cut from wood and painted years ago
Sideboard Centerpiece:
Lanterns, bowls, metal black rooster, Chef Rooster to count the daily lay of our hens, 
with a sign I painted years ago.
View of the table, with my buffet I used an iron bottom with a wooden top which has drawers, I then added blue shelves from my old island, turned them upside down and added shelves for dishes.Underneath sets a bench I made from the reclaimed wood from our walls.
This piece I am thinking of taking out, replacing it with a huge buffet with doors on the bottom with lots of storage room, and shelves on the top for dishes. 
I then could clean off the sideboard bottom and the bench underneath.
What do you think? Do I need to replace it?
The lanterns have different colored glass panels, 
which give off a different shade of light from each sides
I just love using the lanterns with my black round woven place mats. Notice my blue bird
Notice I used different birds and sunflowers at each place setting
I need to collect some small Roosters, but I do love my Birds
Notice the water glass and Iced Tea Glass is Early American Prescut Crystal 
I have a set of twelve of the Iced Tea Glasses, these glasses are a Rare Find
In this view you can see my China Cabinet, which I have to replace the glass, 
I added too many dishes and some of the glass shelves got broken. 
Notice my lamps are also Early American Prescut Crystal
View of table facing family room, the chargers used are red with rooster chargers used on each end. 
I didn’t have enough rooster chargers so I mixed matched to get this 8 place setting
My Sunflower plates, from TJMax last year
Did I say I just adore Sunflowers and Roosters!
Place Setting with a brown bird, rooster charger, and black place mat. 
This hutch is a chest, with a shelf I built, then I did a crackled finish on it.
I use this as a beverage center
Beverage Center:
Aluminium Ice bucket, Early American Prescut Crystal Tea Pitcher
Sunflowers in an Early American Prescut Crystal Vase
Wire Rooster always holds soft peppermint
A white Teapot, just in case I want a cup of Hot Tea!
Notice the star on the Early American Prescut Crystal Pitcher
I hope you enjoyed my Party today, as much as I did making this Tablescape!
Remember I am having a $100.00 gift card GIVEAWAY  from CSN Stores,
Should you go to CSN  Store Website, have fun looking around, they really have some nice things, I know I have many on my wish list!
Click here Gift Card, to see how to get six chances to win on August 23rd! 

Weekly Events

Please Visit the following websites where you shall see many lovely Treasures, Tablescapes and Many Roosters, as there is a Party going on!
Rhoda at Southern Hospitality
Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie

Barb at Bella Vista 

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me! 
Lady Katherine

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Day Bed Breakfast Tea Tray

Welcome to the 20th Tea Time Tuesday

I am having a Giveaway of $100.00 Gift Card Courtesy of CSN Stores
Wouldn’t you love to have a Platform Bed
 to set a Tea Tray on?
Just click on the pink words: Platform Beds  CSN

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I have to say I just love the Paula Deen Steel Magnolia Platform Bed!
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I will announce the $100.00 CSN Gift Card Winner on August 23,2010
Wow that is six chances to win!
Please let me know by comment or email when you do any of the six chances to win

My Tea Tray is set up on my Day Bed
Oh, I have a platform bed I wanted to place outdoors amongst my flowers with sheers billowing in the wind, but the rain came so we shall make do with my Day Bed.  This Day Bed is actually my hospital bed that is set up in my Parlor, so I am close to my husband should I need him . I found a King size wooden head board at the annual neighborhood garage sale last year for $2.00. Yes, Two dollars! I added a little trim and painted it white, for my antique mantel in this room was white. Last summer my husband built me a Library in the parlor, now Parlor/Music Room/ Library. I can’t wait to show you my stained mantel and Library! Just not quite yet! I so want to get this bed into another room first! lol To make this hospital bed look like a Day Bed, I lowered the rails, added curtains for the gold topping, pillows and the headboard behind the bed.
Don’t look at the cords showing at the floor, lol for they control the hospital bed.

Breakfast Tea Tray on my Parlor Day Bed
The prints on the wall I bought at an antique store for $25.00 for the pair, the shelves from Hobby Lobby.  The lamps were in my 100 year old Craftsman’s Bungalow when we bought the house, new lamp shades were added.  You can just see a little of a rocker which was the first owners of the house. My daughter brought them down from the attic one year on Mother’s Day for me. One day they will get to be recovered as the sofa will be too. I found this sofa on side of the road and tied it to my car an brought it home around twenty-five years ago. The antique coffee table I bought at a yard sale twenty some years ago for $8.00, it was not suppose to be in the photo, but I couldn’t get it cropped out. lol  Notice I have wood floors, ceilings, and walls in this room. Oh, you can’t see the ceiling, but it painted the same color as the walls. 
One day to all to receive a new color of paint.
Yes, the white bed looks out of place! Now!
My Tea Tray I bought at the annual garage sale last year for $5.00. The cloches cover all the food.
I made the mini cupcake plate and cloches, if you like I have a post which tells you how to make the mine cupcake plates and cloches. I can do a repost on it, just let me know if you would like it.
On my Tray I am using my Royal Albert Old Country Roses Fine China. 
I have been collecting the oldest pattern on Ebay. 
The Tea Towel was a gift I received July 4th from my sister, Gloria.
Now this Breakfast food is uncovered!
I used my Early American Prescut Crystal berry bowl, juice glass, and coaster.
The fruit bowl holds slices of cantaloupe from our fields, blueberries, and strawberries
I am a Southern Lady, and I do love my Grits! Today I had hash browns instead,
 with Cinnamon Tea Biscuits.
Farm Fresh Eggs, just from the Hen House outback, Fried and Bacon
I picked Zinnias and Rosemary from my garden, and placed them in a little glass vase.
 I bought at a garage sales many moons ago! 
My Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teapot in One is New,
 I bought in the last few years from Ebay.
Today I am tasting two different Teas, so I decided to make one kind in the top teapot, and the other in the bottom cup. ( Just be sure and do not do as I did and fill the bottom cup too full when you place the teapot on top it will spill over on your cloth!)
I filled my China Teacup 3/4 full, to add my sugar, or milk, where it will not spill as I stir.

The Strawberry Ceylon Tea was light in color, with a hint of strawberry taste, 
it was really good just  a few lumps of sugar added
The Blueberry Ceylon Tea was much darker, and didn’t taste of blueberries, (which I do love blueberries) I was so disappointed in the taste, and so happy I decided to try both Teas! 
These two teas were a gift and not purchased where I usually buy my Tea.

 With this Tea Tasting you can know you can not brew your Tea just by the color.
 For stronger Tea you need to add just a little more tea leaves.
 I also did not add milk for either Tea. 
Four years ago I took a leave absence from work, thinking it was just for three months. I began to study the Art of Tea. This is a Sterling Silver Tea Stainer. You hold it over the teacup and pour your tea and it catches any leaves. This Tea Stainer has a little cup you place it  back in to hold any liquid from getting on your linens. I am not sure if  the Tea Strainer cup show up good in some of my photos. I am saying this for as some had Grandmothers, Mother’s which taught them the Art of Tea, I had to study and this was one item I had no idea what it was! lol
I used an Early American Prescut Crystal Coaster for my butter pats, and a crystal tooth picker holder for my strawberry preserves. I have found using small dishes are the perfect serving for one.
Another view of my Breakfast Tea Tray on my Daybed 
After a wonderful Breakfast Tea on the Daybed, the China is cleared and the Tea Tray pops up to hold your favorite magazine, or book, with pockets on each side to hold extra books.
The Breakfast Tea Tray is perfect for writing notes, cards, or letters
This past week has been filled with Doctor visits, and test. I have had several family members in the hospital, my Daddy, Sister, and Daughter. We are keeping our Grandchildren while my daughter recuperates. Even though through all this, I had unexpected company today.
My friend Kathy, whom lives an hour away, came for a visit. Kathy always brings me happy’s as I call them to brighten my day. Today it was more like Christmas in July! 
I have not been able to contain my excitement!
I have been wanting a laptop computer, as the desktop computer is still hard for me to sit at,
 for very long since my surgeries, my recent accident, and fall has made it much worse.
Kathy knows how much I love my website, for it brings me much happiness.
Today Kathy brought me a Dell Laptop Computer with a wireless mouse.
Kathy also brought me case for the laptop, and a HP printer.
 As you see I have not have time to open the box as of yet!
How wonderful is this! 
Kathy also brought this wonderful juicer, and yes it still in the box! I have read the book, Juicing is so healthy for you.  I used to do the Juicing, but I have a tiny juicer and gave up on it long ago.  I do love Juicing  for it is great for Cancer patients. I think Kathy must want to keep me Healthy! Can’t wait for tomorrow, my Grandchildren, can’t either! lol 
A few weeks ago I got a phone call from my wonderful friend Kathy, she had me a set of Therapeutic mattress for our King Size bed. I’ve been in my hospital bed for a long time now. We do have a wonderful King size pillow top mattress, but I still can not sleep in it. The Therapeutic Mattress is wonderful.  I think soon!  I just might get to go back to my bedroom,
 and sleep in with my husband in our King size bed again. 

Oh, I am blessed to have such a wonderful loving friends
 as Kathy, and her husband Chet!
Thank You Both for  helping making life better for me,  from the bottom of my Heart!

After have not eaten all day, at nine o’clock last night I sat down to this wonderful Breakfast Tea, I had planned to have this morning. Just relaxing and drinking from my lovely China Teacup!  Pondering on how a lovely Tea Setting even when it is just a Tea Tray,
 can makes one feel  wonderful and special!  
I want to Congratulate Susan at Between Naps On The Porch, whom hostess Tablescape Thursday each week for the 100 week of Tablescape Thursday.  I know how much work is involved in doing this meme weekly and Susan works full time, and also host Metamorphism Monday where she does decor make overs.  Susan always has the loveliest Tablescapes, not a week goes by does she have something beautiful to share.  I was Susan’s 30th follower and have watched as her website has grown with happiness for her.  Susan also writes an article for Houzz each week. 
She is such a sweet, talented lady and I am so happy I have got to know her. 
Stop by Susan’s and wish her Happy 100th Tablescape Thursday! 
100th Tablescape Thursday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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It around 3:00 in the morning, and I am so looking forward to bed before my Grandchildren arrive in this morning! Hope to visit all of you soon as life settles down a little!
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TEA TIME TUESDAY=Easter Table Setting

Spring Has Sprung for Easter

My Table Setting for Easter 

As you look through my post, if I have duplicate photos and many mistakes,
forgive me. For with blogger went down, I had a hard time getting this post up!
I going to cross my fingers all my photos will be there when you see them!

Place setting
I used little Rabbit, and Chick flatware holders on the napkin with a pink egg.
Egg holder: from Cracker Barrel
Bowl: Dollar Tree
Flower plate: Walmart
Green Plate: Walmart
 Great Gatherings white plate: Big Lots
Pink and white plate and saucer: Hobby Lobby
Cup: TJ Max
Early American Prescut Crystal Water Glass: Antique Shop
Green placemat: Dollar Tree

Here you can see the egg cup 

View of Table facing my China Closet
The Table cloth is vinyl: Walmart

I made the Rabbit and the two baskets on the left, behind my table

Left side of Centerpiece: Peter Rabbit Cart of Goodies: Cracker Barrel
 Salt Shaker Birds: Pier 1
Right side of Centerpiece: Deviled Egg dish: Cracker Barrel 
It was 70% off
Egg suckers: Walmart

Front of Peter Rabbit Cart
from Cracker Barrel 70% off 
Yes, $7.50

Another Bouquet of flowers I made
Inside of a hat box my daughter found at the Flea Market
Vintage scarf, I had for 20 years
The little egg is a gift from my friend, MaryAnn
from Sweet Water, Alabama
I just went and met her and she brought me my Birthday present
More of the flatware holders and another Peter Rabbit Cart
MaryAnn, Thank You So Much! I love You!
I not sure I am worth all the trouble you went through today 
by driving all day just to bring my Birthday Present to me!

View toward the Buffet 
See the little yellow chicks back at this end of the table?

The two little chicks are so cute! 
from Cracker Barrel for 70% off 
Yes, $3.00
Photo a little fuzzy! 

Corner View

Spring has Sprung Tea Set: Cracker Barrel
25% Off 

I also made the flower arrangement, I wove tulle in the sides of the wire basket. 
My daughter found this while out Flea Marketing
I am now the happy owner!
Now my little table for my Grandchildren on my little sun porch
The Sun Porch is just back of the bench in my dining room
As You can see I still got to finish painting this room
But decided to show it for later I will have a before and after. lol

Place Setting for my Grandchildren’s Table

 Two bobble head eggs: from Peebles $ 2.00
One green pail: from Walmart
My grandson, Gage and I added grass and rabbit lollipops
Now today is not my Birthday it is April 5th
My friend Kathy, came today too! She brought me more of my dishes I will be using for my Birthday Tea, and this wonderful Easter bag! She made it from wool,
 and hand felted wool to make the flower design. On each handle she made cotton flowers.
I just love it so much! She filled it with lovely socks, and candy. Thank You Kathy! I love you too! 
So fun getting Birthday presents early! 

I will not have my Annual Birthday Tea, 
until the week after Easter.

Last View of my Easter Table Setting for Tea
My grandchildren are so excited about both tables!

Happy Easter

Thank You All For Joining Me For Tea Time Tuesday!
I had such a lovely time!
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me! 
Lady Katherine 

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Not a Tea Drinker?
 Coffee settings, Hot Chocolate 

Anything Related To Tea Is Welcome Here!

Please remember as we have our Tea we all love to bring something to show and tell about.
Whether it be a trinket, hat, something new/old bought for our home. Just lovely photo’s of our gardens! I know
 I would love to see your wonderful things as we share our Tea.

I hope your excited as much as I am,
as I start this new adventure in my life.

Lady Katherine
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This week my Aunt Katherine and my cousin Barbara came for a visit.  We put on a pot of coffee, and tea. I cut a few store bought pastry and we sat and had a wonderful visit. They toured my 100 year old  Craftsman’s Bungalow, and loved it as much as I do. We sat in the family room, which the decor is done in Native American Indian. The cabinet below I built and painted from reclaimed wood from our walls. Sorry I did not do a good cropping on the picture.
I have also played with trying to enlarge my pictures, some  did,
some did not work so that why the different sizes.

This was the first time I got to use my new white tea set. 
I used an old butter cover to place over the pastry. 
I love the Indian tray my daughter found for me at an flea market.

For the table cloth I used a white throw my niece, Betinna gave to me.  She said it reminded her of my sheep. I have kept it in an Indian basket not using it for it is so special to me.
It worked great on my new old table my daughter found at a garage sale for me a few weeks ago.
No Susan it not the type of table we spoke of, 
but I did have an antique  three tier one and gave it to my sister, Gloria.

This was the centerpiece I made from gourds I grew, little pie pumpkins, grape vine, sunflowers and a a wonderful big dough bowl. Using my new favorite black lanterns on each side. 
Our table was set with paper plates, as I am still not back on my feet since surgery.

Click on the pink words to visit Miss Magpie
Miss Magpie at sent me this lovely little Nippon China Bowl she found at an antique store. Tea roses as Mrs. Magpie says will be lovely in it.
 I can also see  perseveres, lemon curd, ect.  for my tea.
Should anyone know the name of this lovely bowl pattern I would love to know
I just simply love it so much! Thank You so much Miss Magpie!

Click on the pink words to visit RoseBriar Tea Room
One morning UPS came and left a package on my porch from Debbie at RoseBriar Tea Room in Eads, TN. My five year old  Grandson Gage and I had so much fun opening each gift of 18 all wrapped up. Gage kept saying Granna this is like Christmas, Granna. Oh, and it was. I have so wanted to go to Miss Debbie’s Tea Room so much, but I met her online through Miss Janice, and we have emailed ever since. I ordered a pair of Toile Rubber Boots from her last year after seeing the ones Miss Janice bought from Miss Debbie Gift shop. Just look at all the lovely gifts she sent to brighten my DAYS this Christmas! 
Miss Debbie you did way too much, but OH the fun I had, Thanks for Brighten my days!
I love the little snowmen with the little jars that say Believe, and Joy!

Several types of teas from white, to strawberry. I love the darling tiny Tea  Time Book! 

I went to the bank with hubby one day, a short ride turned into a longer one as we needed some things from Walmart. A new Tractor Supply is to open in a town 20 miles away. He drove around looking for where its going to be, I spotted one of my favorite small department stores,
 and this is what I found spoons, bowls, a fondue chocolate pot shaped in chocolate kisses. 
Three sets of  Cambridge iced tea spoons all for sixty cents! 

All the Christmas was 50% off and being 51 just over the 50 mark I got to get an extra 15 % off. 
I bought 12 of the little gingerbread and girl bowls for 2.50 each. I was in heaven.
For I love my peppermint and gingerbread table setting I do for Christmas Breakfast. 
Now this year we will be also home for lunch, I hope to talk the girls into just sandwiches, for they will beso busy with family and dinners.  To cook as  my daughter Suzette did Thanksgiving.

Did I forget to mention, as Hubby waited in the truck he decided to let me shop and took off to Walmart. I came outside and he was no where to be found. lol It was so cold I went and shopped some more. Employees kept coming up and asking me if I was OK, I was about to drop. I finally decided I had better tell them I had major surgery a little while back. Just in case I  did drop. lol 

Yes, I know I should not have been out, but I so wanted to go into this store so bad. lol 
I think doing things you love helps with the healing, even if you pay for it the next day! 
I just love these bowls! They had small platters to match, I want to go and get a few of them. lol 
They will probably be gone before they let me back out. lol
This is one of my favorite felted hats, I play with it at times and change the brim up by placing water on it and holding it above the wood stove. I have felted many hats in my days. 
Now the felted little flower, I just adore! 
Which was also sent to me from Miss Debbie at Rose BriarTea Room. 
Miss Debbie has sent cards, gifts and also had lovely women whom are her friends to send me cards and prayers, as I recover from surgery. 

Update since my surgery October 21, 2009:
I got an infection in one incision, Doc gave me some strong antibiotics. They have worked great and I am doing much better. I know how a new complication in my abdomen,
 which is very painful. I go see Doc  on Tuesday.  

Thank you all for your prayers, cards and gifts. I love them all !
Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers and all the lovely gifts, cards, Emails, and comments for I do look forward to them.  

I have to admit the highlight of each day is when the mail is dropped off. lol
I do love getting Happys as I call them in the mail, no matter how small. 
I am very modest, now aren’t I . lol 
It makes my days so much brighter knowing you all are out there being such wonderful FRIENDS!
Missing YOU All, Doc says I will be better if all goes right, by February.

Laurie at Bargains By Laurie has still been forwarding Cards to me from all you, 
that do not have my address.
Thank you Laurie!  Stop by her site by clicking on the pink words above and Give her a BIG HUGS and THANK YOU!  lAURIE has a wonderful site and you do not want to miss her Christmas Decor!!!

As always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

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Lady Katherine Welcomes You To 
 Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles 
Bloggers Luncheon and Tea

Lady Katherine 
working on a centerpiece for the table, 
D  lives an hour away,
 came early to help Lady Katherine set the table.
Thanks D, I could not have done it without you.

From the left to right are
Katherine Ellen, D, Christine, Debra, Lady Katherine

As each Belle arrived, they would come up and ask are you Lady Katherine?
We all hugged each other as each of  the Belles arrived,
 for we were all so happy to meet each other for the first time.

 As I made the Centerpiece, D placed my black placemats,
 the Corner Bakery Cafe’s flatware, cups and napkins.

Centerpiece was made with a grapevine basket, my  90 year old friend, Hazel wove.  I placed a pie pumpkin in the basket, my husband bought on at Walmart on the way to the Cafe. 
I had planned to use one large pumpkin and two smaller pumpkins. 
My husband, bought three pie pumpkins, and it turned out to be the greatest idea,
 for there would not have been room for large pumpkins. 

Did you know there is a difference in pie pumpkins and the larger ones used for Jack-o-lanterns?

I then added a bush of sunflowers, added silk leaves to the handle,
 and placed gourds that I grew in the garden. 
I added two pie pumpkins on each side of the basket. 

Just before the luncheon, I went to Ross to purchase two more of my black, 
round sea grass  placemats, which I did not find.   I did find two premade fall arrangements filled with fall leaves, and pumpkins. I placed my two new black lanterns,
 from Ross on each side of the fall arrangements. 
Back view of the Centerpiece with the pre-made Fall arrangement on the right.

View of the table set with the my black lanterns, 
the glass on each side of the lantern is a different color, red, green, yellow, and blue. 

Yes, I forgot to lite the lanterns, everyone were arriving just as D and I were putting up all the extra things I had brought. I had a large trash bag full of extra things to use, I was going to make a fall arrangement the day before. I had my grandchildren all day, so I just washed gourds,
 and decided I would  just  have to wing this table setting!
With D’s help I think we did, What do you think?

I missed out getting in some of the photos for the group of ladies behind our table, wanted to know what was going on. I explained we were meeting for the first time and were bloggers on the internet. They loved the table and wanted my email address and website address, for they want to join in on the fun. 
Another view of the whole table

Place setting with the hostess gift of a pumpkin filled with tea. 
For the placemat setting on each end, I used a black cloth placemat.
 I bought At Ross just before the Luncheon.

Christine brought each Belle a goody bag packed with wonderful fudge. My husband ate three bags of it since the luncheon. I did get to get two pieces of the Vanilla Pecan Fudge, and it was divine!

There was lots of talk and lots of cameras being held out to each other and our husbands  

We had so much fun! We had some Belles that did not get to come,
 Carol at The Writer’s Porch was sick, we thought she might be lost.
 We had you a Chocolate Cake for your Birthday, Carol! 
All the other Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles You were missed!

We did not get to shop,  for we all stayed at the Corner Bakery Cafe for three hours.
There was a lot of talk, a lot of laughter, and good food!
Just a lot of fun!

Now I want to introduce our group that did get to come to the Luncheon.
Simple Man, aka Terry, Lady Katherine’s Husband

Christine and John
Christine’s website is: Christine’s Home Travel And Adventures

Debra and Wallace 
Debra’s website is: And It Came To Pass

 Katherine Ellen 
Website is Kat’s Corner

D aka Donna

Katherine Ellen is on the left of Donna

Lady Katherine and Christine

Debra showing her Travel Handbag,
 she bought at the Flea Market on Highway 49,
 on the way to the luncheon.
Debra won a door prize drawing ,a Tea Time Magazine

  Donna  and Christine
Christine won a door prize drawing, a metal candle holder 

As we ordered our lunch this is what we were tempted with! Wonderful Pastries! 
Debra’s Husband Wallace had a slice of  Citrus Cake, 
before he left he bought a whole Citrus Cake!

Just before all were leaving, a lot of laughter and happiness to have met each Belle! 
Oh, D where were you?

I want to Thank You All for Coming  for Tea and Lunch.
You all made my day very special! 
Lady Katherine

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Pink Saturday
Remember this Tea Party?
Today I decided to show off my little Tea Party Girls!

My lovely Granddaughter, Hannah who is three,
Taking time to smell Granna’s Roses!
My lovely Granddaughter, Brianna, who is 23 months,
Saying He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me!
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at How Sweet The Sound:
where she is hosting:
Pink Saturday

Click on the pink words to visit Susan at 
A Southern Day Dreamer
where she is hosting:
Outdoor Wednesday
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Project Makeover for a Tea Party

My aluminum tray, I found at an Antique store in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Today is the first time I realized the design on this tray is a tulip, for when I brought the aluminum tray home, I placed my pink tea rose  tea set on the tray, and never looked at the design on the tray.  I collected  aluminum trays and bowls, to use for my daughter outdoor wedding. 
Advantage is I got to keep all of the aluminum tray and bowl to use at home! 
 Placed on the aluminum tray is, my pink rose tea set, 
my sister Gloria, gave to me on my Birthday, seven years ago.
 How do you like my tray make over?

I bought these little purses and old fashion shoes,
 at the Dollar Tree, 
on sale, four for a use as place card holders. 
I did not like the gold color,so I painted them in pink. 
I use the caps from spray paint cans to add my paint in, then I can use the inside circle and the outside for two separate colors. 
How do you like my place card make over? 
In this table setting I used the purse as part of the centerpiece, the shoe is the place card holder.
 Later the purse can be used as a place card holder, using the pearl handle.
How do you like my new made over Tea Party place setting in pink?
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