Tea Etiquette

Tea Cup Etiquette 
When setting the Tea Table
1. Place the teacup and saucer at the right of the plate, above the knife
2.  Place tea cup on saucer  with the handle on the right of the saucer,
and position tea cup handle at 4:00 o’clock
3. Hold the teacup with index and middle finger in handle.
4. No pinky finger is extended as some might think.
While standing the saucer is always held with the tea cup.
5. Always pour the teacup 3/4 full, to avoid spilling, 
and to have room for stirring in sugar, honey, lemon, or milk.
6. Never add lemon and milk together, for the milk will curdle
7. Take a sip of Tea, (for taste) before adding milk
8. Always add milk after stirring in sugar, or honey
7. Never make musical sounds when stirring
8. Always sip Tea, never guzzle down the Tea 
9. Always look down into the teacup when sipping, never look outward.
10. Place tea spoon on the back  of saucer after finish stirring Tea 
11.  The hostess pours Tea in each Teacup  while holding the cup with the saucer for each guest,unless a designated person is asked to pour the Tea.
12. Always pour Tea into Teacup from the guests right, while holding the cup and saucer while pouring.
13. Never place silverware on the table after use.
14.Wait for the hostess before picking up your napkin, once the hostess is sit down you follow as she does.
15. Unfold napkin place in lap, where the the fold is toward you.
Written by Lady Katherine